Texas Certified Public Accountants


Agency Audit Representation

In today's changing and complex business environment, we understand that financial reporting and auditing are the core of economic governance for any business. You want to be sure that an audit won't get in the way of your day-to-day operations.

Our expert audit representatives have deep industry experience and expertise in understanding systems, controls, and business challenges.

At ADM, we provide a comprehensive range of IRS or state audit representation services for individuals and corporations with a steadfast commitment to delivering sound financial reporting and reliable audit services. We have instituted an audit methodology to ensure we comply with our profession’s highest technical and ethical standards. Additionally, our shareholders are actively involved in each engagement to give you a higher level of expertise, value, insight, and professionalism to understand and anticipate your company’s financial concerns, meet compliance standards and ensure your audits are done accurately, efficiently, and are fairly presented.

We start by understanding our client’s business to its depth so that we can assist them in the best way. We provide cost-friendly services that are managed to keep in view all the risk factors and future targets of the company. We deliver the latest and innovative ideas to our clients for tracking their accounts and finances.

ADM CPA uses predictive modeling, monitor ledger, and analyze every transaction so that a clear picture of the company’s financial data can be exposed in front of its owners, stakeholder, and shareholders. We ease our client’s path towards their future goals by providing them a detailed analysis of their financial structure and position.

The dedication that ADM puts forth in providing high-quality audit representation services has enabled us to become not only an accounting firm but one that is respected for the credibility and integrity in which we conduct our audits.

Over the years, we have represented many of our clients to overcome their audits. Even if the audit has been finalized, our team of audit experts can appeal to the IRS or state’s decision.

To find out how we can help you with any of your audit requirements, please contact a member of our team.

Other Services

Accounting services specifically designed to cater to all sizes of businesses to assist in predicting irregularities in your records and helps you keep a good record of your accounts and finances.

ADM CPA offers a diversified range of payroll services that are designed primarily to meet the payroll needs of our clients. We provide end to end payroll solutions to make our clients continue their business in the right directions.

We deliver tax compliance, planning, and advisory services to minimize your corporate and personal taxes efficiently.